We focus on providing timber frame design and heavy timber construction services to residential and commercial clients. In addition to our many residential projects a few notable commercial projects include the New York Botanical Gardens, The Heavy Timber Covered Bridge at the Virginian Club, The Adler Center For Caring, The Covered Bridge at Hardin Valley, and various arboretums. From timber trusses to a timber frame home, a hybrid timber frame home, a timber entryway or a commercial structure such as a clubhouse or timber pavilion we are here to help. With nearly 20 years experience in the heavy timber frame and construction industries, High Country Timberframe is staffed by highly skilled designers and timber framers, experienced contractors, professional woodworkers and knowlegeable & capable sales and support staff. 

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How Can We Help You?       "The configuration, the quality of the wood, the craftsmanship all go beyond what one would have expected.  This is no well-done piece of carpentry; this is a fine example of an artist/craftsman's artistry."
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Our design staff works with our clients to understand the needs, the budget and the vision for each individual timber frame design project we are involved with.   Read more... Timber Roof Trusses are an ecologically sound choice when compared to conventionally pitched roof. Timbers span greater distances and this in turn reduces the total wood volume contained in the structure.   Read more... High Country Timberframe maintains general contracting licenses in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. Because we know how important a piece of property is to its owners, we strive to improve any type of space, inspired by our clients' vision of their dream home or establishment.   Read more...
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We can work with architects, regardless of their familiarity with heavy timber construction. We have the knowledge and experience to work with you to help incorporate timber framing into any type construction. Read more.... Some builders provide us with detailed drawings of the timber components, while others give us the "conceptual idea" of the look they want and have our designers handle the details. Our focus is to design and fabricate timber frame systems that are energy efficient, functional and creative.   Read more... Because we know how important a piece of property is to its owners, we strive to improve any type of space, inspired by our clients' vision of their timber frame dream home or establishment. In other areas, we've learned that clients looking for a complete custom home design are generally best served by a local architect or home designer who can provide near-by site-specific services.   Read more...
More Examples Of Our Projects.
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