The HCTF LinkHouse Affordable High Performance Housing System

prefabricated housing custom modular housing    

Our LinkHouse System Includes:

  • Prebuilt, self-contained 16 ft X 16 ft "Links" or individual modules
  • Built in HCTF's manufacturing facility and assembled onsite
  • Utilizes either SIPS Panels or HCTF ShopBuilt Wall Systems
  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating of 74

Environmental and Economic benefits of LinkHouse include:

  • Projected 2% construction waste vs 30% in conventional site-built construction
  • Solar thermal and solar PV ready linkhouse/linkhouse.jpg
  • Supports low flush and water saving plumbing
  • Superior R value:  ceiling R 38, walls R21 and up, floors up to R 38
  • Supports incinerator or compost toliets
  • Recycled materials optional
  • Superior indoor air quality
  • Made from non-toxic building materials
  • Living/green roof adaptable
  • Basic LinkHouse 11% more efficient than Energy Star 
  • Basic LinkHouse 26% more efficient than code-built homes

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