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Traditional Japanese Post and Beam and timber frame buildings showcase an emphasis on craftsmanship, creativity and aesthetic appearance of the structure as a whole. In 1994, Tom Owens, co-owner of High Country Timberframe came across an article in Fine Homebuilding magazine about a traditional Japanese home being built in northern California by Len Bracket. "I was struck by the simple elegance of the home and was smitten by the "sukiya" style of Japanese design from that point forward."

Tom spent years in the Santa Cruz Mountains, working as a "deshi", or, apprentice on a traditional minka [farmhouse] learning the craft of Japanese Post and Beam Construction. "I wanted to learn first-hand everything I could about Japanese carpentry. I couldn't afford to go to Japan, so this was an ideal opportunity."

Now, decades later, High Country Timberframe has designed and built traditional Japanese timber frame buildings for various residential and commercial projects across the Eastern U.S. including The Dawes Arboretum & Japanese Garden, Newark, Ohio and the The New York Botanical Garden in Bronx, NY, for their Kiku Festival.


Design Possibilities

Japanese Post and Beam

Japanese Timber Framing

Japanese timber framing maintains a much closer relationship to nature through their building methods. It allows for a great amount of design possibilities to be discovered from a single piece of wood, and the many uses it can have in a variety of building projects. Japanese Post and Beam also reduces the use of diagonal bracing in their buildings by using a large number of pieces in the framework, creating a layering effect which creates structural integrity. This framework traditionally starts with larger building members at the base of the structure, with large spans between the timber, and terminates at the roof with much smaller pieces spaced more closely together.

Especially within the framework of the roof, many wooden members are strategically placed to add visual interest as well as maintain structural integrity.

It also provides for incredible interior spaces below the structural framing. These interior accents include items such as beautifully crafted doors, shoji screens, benches and furniture.

bedroom in a japanese post and beam home
Bedroom In A Japanese Timber Frame Home

Timber Frame Designed & Constructed By HCTF

Blue Ridge, GA

dawes japanese arboretum, newark oh
Dawes Arboretum

Timber Frame Designed & Constructed By HCTF

Newark, OH

Emphasis On Quality

From the concept design to the framework to the finishing touches of the different interior spaces, the Japanese have always put a large emphasis on the preparation of their materials and the quality of the final product, points also emphasized by High Country Timberframe.

If you are interested in learning more or about incorporating Japanese Post and Beam style in your project, we would love to introduce you to the options and beauty of Japanese Timber Framing.