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Integrating Timber Framing

Architect's Role In Timber Frame Construction

We understand how critical the role of architect is for any project, and it is even more so for timber frame homes. We know that it is not just a question of the aesthetics that a timber frame can offer, but also the structural strength of timber frame posts and beams and the beauty of the natural woods that entices homeowners.

A good design and a good set of plans is essential to a successful project. A structure can only be as well constructed as the design it is based on.

High Country Timberframe has provided assistance and guidance on timber frame design and engineering to architects for both residential and non-residential projects nationwide since 1997. From small weekend cabins to large timber frame commercial and residential structures, we have collaborated with architects to ensure all details are considered before construction begins.

If brought into the project as early as possible, preferably in the initial design stage, we can use our experience to help save the architect the time and trouble needed to research joinery design, timber sizing and other engineering issues unique to timber framing.

In addition to our timber frames, we offer design and construction assistance for high performance housing including ShopBuilt Panelized Walls and Structural Insulated Panels.

At your request, we will be glad to provide references of architects and professionals we have worked with.

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